Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Florida SuperConVersatin' 2014!

The breaking of the 69th seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse unleashes a tsunami of epic roboconversations all over Miami Beach on Fourth on July Day 2014! Like Tubbs to a Crockett, mighty waves of comic bookers, my little ponyers, powerful rangerers, video gamers and other assorted japanamation strangers all converged on the Miami Beach Convention Center for Florida SuperCon! Join the Nostrodomatron as I surf the waves of pop culture nerdity in the hopes of landing on conversation islands with the artists who helped create the great toy robots comics of the 70s and 80s. How did Al Milgrom get lucky enough to edit Shogun Warriors, Micronauts, and ROM? Why did Joe Rubinstein leave the Micronauts? And how did Peter David come to the realization that R5-D4 singledroidedly saved the Star Wars galaxy? Find out all this and more in this TALKING NAUTY IN MIAMI edition of the podcastalypse!

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This picture with Josef Rubinstein and Al Milgrom was a highlight of the con, but listen to me talk about why it also drove me crazy!

I don't know what character that pumpkin is, but it would have looked awesome on stage with Helloween back in '88.

A couple booths had nice selections of American Toy Robots of Japanese Toy Robots, and one even had Robo Force!

I met the lead accordion player (?!) of the band Random Encounter, saw Robert the oldest robot at the con, and talked to Peter David about Skippy the Jedi Droid!

Al Milgrom was a great guy and gave me an absolutely fantastic interview.

Joe Rubinstein was really classy and professional and made me wish I was, too!

It isn't a legit Florida comic convention without the legendary artist José Delbo!

Danny Fingeroth was really cool about the whole Robot Master thing! He even dedicated his book to me with "Your pal, Donny Finkleberg"!


The Marvel in the 80s panel with (from L-R) Peter David, Danny Fingeroth, Bob McLeod, Al Milgrom, Alex Saviuk, and Greg LaRocque.


Gary Martin, Jr. said...

Yeah, sweet interviews. I coulda listened to Al & Joe (& you) expound longer especially about ROM. Highlight for me was you justifying the photo with them, Shogun Warriors #1, and your ROM t-shirt. :-)

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Thanks. I think this is probably my favorite of all the shows I've ever done because the interviews came out pretty decent. I do feel like I dropped the ball with Joe Rubinstein. I was just too nervous and I had wrong information and phrased my questions badly. Of course now I can think of one or two better questions I could have asked him during our short time together but oh well.

Yeah that beating myself up about the picture was pretty funny in retrospect. When I was listening to everything I'd recorded and got to that part it made me laugh with how nerdy it sounded. That's how I knew it had to make the final cut.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

hey EKM i was reading you and Gary's comments this morning and decided to make an update to the posting i think you'll like.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

And just for posterity, the posting it is here!


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