Sunday, September 22, 2013


The breaking of the 63rd seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse is the rumbling, clanky crashing sound of giant robot zombies with laser breath chasing you in your beat up old Dodge on your way to PALMCON 2013! Yes it's a RE PALM-ERATION CONCASTALYPSE as the Nostrodomatron travels to the Palm Beach County Convention Center for the third Palm Con to talk to illustrator José Delbo about his recent return to Transformers comics in last week's Regeneration One #0! Listen in bonus horror as I'm joined on the con floor by Orlandonian puppeteer Jack Fields and we encounter cyborg dolphins, GoBots that are not Transformers, Jawas, Transformers that are GoBots, and even a Dianoga or two. Plus I even get to talk to long time super toy collector Irving Santiago about collecting toys back when collecting toys wasn't cool! How much did I pay for a couple of carded G2 Go-Bots on the floor of Palm Con? How much did Irving Santiago pay for a ton of G1 jets on clearance in the 80s? How excited was José Delbo to return to Transformers? What kind of people knowingly jump into a trash compactor? Find out all that and more in this NOT TOO SHORT FOR A PALM 3 edition of the podcastalypse!

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Action figure everything collector extraordinare Irving Santiago!

He drew Transformers when I was a teenage robot comics fan-José Delbo!

You could have all sorts of fun with your palms here!

Jack enjoying the dolphins, dianogas, and dangerous dart robots.

Irving's selection of Hasbronians and GoBotronians was like a mini Smithsonian.

I have been promoted to the rank of Best Delbo Fan ever and here is my certificate.

Chewie didn't get a girlfriend, either. I got the GoBots for $3.50 each.

PalmCon featured one stop shopping for all your being dead needs.

    Coming soon!

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Paunch Show Greg said...

Love the Irving Santiago interview, really a cool guy.


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