Thursday, June 27, 2013


The cataclysmic cacophony that is the destruction of the 58th seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse is the sound of two guys talking on the phone during Botcon 2013! Enjoy the insomniantics as I call Colin of late every night in his hotel room to find out how each of his days went at Botcon. It's over three hours of Botconversation split into four Botconvenient parts for your Botconsumption. What deals were there to be found on old Shogun Warriors and robot shaped Christmas tree lights? Which artists did Colin get to draw his non-Transformer robot mascot, Terry? Can a winning diorama tribute to the PS2 Armada game be built on just three hours of sleep and a bag of potato chips? Find out in this IT TAKES MUNNIES TO MAKE MONEYS AT BOTCON 2013 edition of the podcastalypse!

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PART 4: Hail the Conquering Colin!-Colin wins first place in diorama and Botcon ends. We find out what he did with the prize money and we reflect on how crazy awesome it was that so much Transformer IP infringement went on in the dealer room. Then Colin gives his final thoughts on Botcon 2013 and caps it all off with an interview with Marcelo Matare!

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PART 3: DealArmada!-Colin sleeps little and pays less on Botcon Friday! With his art contest diorama done, Colin hits the dealer room and scores big, scores robots, and even scores big robots. We talk about Transformer stuff in the glass cases, non-Transformer stuff on the dealer tables, and why the PS2 Armada game deserves much diorama tribute.

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PART 2: MAKIN' MUNNIES-Colin gets in line for Botcon Thursday night! What does he think about the attendee exclusive figures? Which "Transformer famous" people did he see? What's it like entering the art contest? On tonight's call we hit all that plus take a look back at winning Botcon art show entries of the recent past!

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PART 1: TENDER WHITTLES-Colin is in San Diego and it's Botcon Wednesday night! How will he get to his hotel? What's going on with Botcon? Why does he always wait until the last minute to finish his art contest entries? WE DON'T KNOW! But we talk about it anyways!

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