Thursday, February 21, 2013


The destruction of the 52nd seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse is the sound of the Nostrodomatron crashing and smashing and parking and swapping into your parking space in an explosion of tables and tables of roboplasticos! Yes it was time for Tate's Comics Park and Swap 2013 and I was there with a van full of robotastic swappage ready to destroy countless customers' lives one toy robot at a time. Thrill to my incredible adventures as I relate swashbuckling highlights of my legendary experience selling used robots for ten bucks from the back of my van in the parking lot of a comic book store. What is the secret of the $250 devirginized Trypticon? What excuses did potential customers give me for wanting to buy Kiss Players Convoy? What excuses did I make to keep customers from buying my Fort Max? Find out all this and less in this HOW MUCH IS THAT FORT MAXIE IN THE WINDOW? edition of the podcastalypse!

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This is what it would look like if Darth Vader and Cobra Commander had a yard sale.

The early bird gets the Scream! I hadn't even unloaded everything yet and there were already robot guys!

This was by far the best table!


  • Let the Park and Swapocalypse begin!
  • Driving to the swap meet with a van full of robot mistakes
  • Keeping promises to the me of 1988
  • The first rule of owning two Trypticons is you do not need to own two Trypticons
  • My first Trypticon memory from 1986
  • Foolproof strategy-sell expensive things to cheap people
  • Sympathy for the Mexican Optimus Prime
  • I think it was the power of Robo Force tablecloth
  • Being the only guy trying to discourage his customers
  • Where the money isn't AT-AT
  • BREAK-Trypticon commercial
  • Kiss Players' biggest fans are not who I thought
  • BREAK-Scramble City commercial
  • Little kids-too cheap for Tie Bomber?
  • Ever since the XP-38 came out my stuff just isn't in demand
  • Some guy is podcasting here!
  • Hanging with Hun-Dred
  • The tale of Reborn Hero
  • Unlucky Draw Snaptrap
  • Keep on practicing them robot moves!
  • Being a filthy scummy horrible terrible scalper
  • Irrational buyer love for Fortress Maximus
  • I didn't know people liked robots so much!
  • Don't rocket punch your friends!

It ain't the Dred Crawler but it'll have to do.

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Paunch Show Greg said...

all collectors are super cheapskates. me included.


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