Friday, December 28, 2012

The Shogunian Bop Bag Extravaganza (and other legendary adventures in robotardation)

The 51st episode of the Roboplastic Apocalypse is a most dangerous intersection of ebay addiction, secret lost product release date knowledges and toy robot blow up dolls. Thrill to the almost daring adventures of the Nostrodomatron as I talk 35 year old toy robots news to myself while sitting at a bus stop at what used to be the most dangerous intersection in America. Then hear me squeal like rubber tires on a Stunticon as I realize an important ebay auction is ending so I rush home for a date with destiny and hopefully a future date with a Great Mazinga bop bag. Why were there so few ads for GoDaiKin toys in 1982 and '83? What year were the Superion and Menasor giftsets first released? And what kind of parent gives their kids Parasites for Christmas? All this plus part two of my Robo Force conversation with John of and Sean (the guy who bought Tiltor for 25 bucks) in this I'VE BLOWN BOTH OPTIMUS PRIME AND TRANZOR-Z edition of the podcastalypse!

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I bought my first old toy robots line art catalog recently. This must sound like the Pope saying he just bought his first bible. I understand it's a shock to some people that this milestone comes so late in my career, given I fancy myself the Indiana Jones of old toy robots newspaper ads. But the truth is I have very little in common with the real Indiana Jones other than sometimes I feel like librarians want to make out with me. Yeah I waste a lot of time looking for toy robot artifacts that will eventually be sealed up in boxes like so many Roswell aliens and Arks of the Covenant in some New Mexican aircraft hangar, but my collection of old toy robot drawings books is far less valued by Nazis and all I had to do to get them was be searching eBay in the right category. So it was little surprise to me when I was going through Computers/Tablets & Networking > Monitors, Projectors & Accs > Other that I found the 1985 Matchbox Dealer Ad Planner. It is an awesome book featuring line art of the legendary lead paint Voltrons, a line of robot monster cars called Parasites, and tons of other possibly deadly and/or inappropriately named Matchbox toys that parents gave their kids for Christmas back in 1985. And since the book gives me all I need to make my own 1985 toy robots ad, I get more interactivity from it than Indiana Jones can get from his aliens (although talking with dead aliens is about as much fun).


F.I.S.H.B.o.T. (Fuck I Should Have Bid on That) of the episode goes to ebay auction 271067160953 for a Shogun Warriors department store special catalog supplement (above left) proving that Combattra was indeed exclusive to upscale retailers as I had speculated back in episode 36. With a ninety-nine bucks BuyItNow I figured it would be up for auction forever. Then it sold a day after I first saw it! F.I.S.H.B.o.T. I say! F.I.S.H.B.o.T.! But then there's ebay auction 190732262858 for a Bandai price list from 1982 (above right) where the picture supplied is so good I don't have to win the auction to get what I want, which is information. I highly covet the material but I'm Not Bidding on That! Would that be a F.I.N.B.o.T.?


Up left is ebay auction 281014750917 for a pretty cool Mattel 1980 catalog. Usually these aren't a big deal but this one has Mattel employee names scribbled on the pages. This led me on an internet search for the men who designed Rodan. I suspect one of their names is Ray Gross based on these page scribbles, but despite several minutes of furious Google searching I am no closer to finding his email address so he can turn down an interview with me. Oh well. During my trip to McAllen, Texas, I came across an old ad for Shogun Warrior bop bags and commented at length about them back in episode 36. Well guess what popped up on eBay after I never in a million years thought I'd find one? And so the finding of this auction begins a 20 minute odyssey in the middle of this episode fraught with human tragedy, perseverance and last minute bid sniping as I curse the faceless other butthole sniper bidders who would deny my lips the opportunity to touch what amounts to a Tranzor-Z blow up doll.


Foleys 14 December 1984

Carls 16 November 1985


Anonymous said...

What happened to episode 50? Love your over the topness while winning the Ebay auction.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

50 came out before 49 so you have to scroll down a bit on the blog to see it. I started production on 49 before 50 but didn't get it done until after 50, so I released 50 when it was ready and then 49, then 51. I try to keep things in chronological order of release on the blog and in numerical order on the podcast archive page.

Next up is number 34, which has been delayed for the longest time. Then 52 will come out after that and I'll be on track.


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