Saturday, January 07, 2012


Robot Japan Summit 2012 is next month and it is written (on my refrigerator calendar) that the Nostrodomatron shall be in attendance! Yes this February 18th will once again see a vast conglomeration of madmen, machines and mad machine men converge upon St. Petersburg, Florida like so many rocket fists returning to their super robot elbows. MegaCon is also that weekend so we'll see if I hit that up and see some old friends like I did there last year, too. Hopefully this time there will be more podcastalypsing and picture taking (and less pizza burning and hotel room alarm alarming) than last year.

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Kingboy D said...

Looking forward to it. About a month away!! I just need to finalize plans - not sure what is happening at this point. Are you planning to drive across yourself, or do you need a ride? Send me an email or just call me.


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