Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The days of fans and robos

AND SO IT WAS FORETOLDETH that Robotastic Armageddon shall descendeth uponeth Irving, Texas this October 8th and 9theth via a thunderous sky shattering roar courtesy American Airlines. Henceforth I forehence accomplished various pre-registrations and securedeth hotellish dwellings in grateful anticipation of the coming of our droid, R2-D2. Yeah I registrated myself into Fan Days which is some kind of Star Warsian convention in disguise or something. And much like Jhiaxus tried to terraform every planetoid worth bombing into some sort of mini Cybertron, I continue on my quest to transformerate every convention I go to into a kinda sorta mini me of Botcon, except if Botcon was actually about Shogun Warriors and Voltron instead of just Hasbrotronians. Actually this is all about me getting the chance to meet the legendary Herb Trimpe, who penciled all of Marvels' Shogun Warriors comic and also some of my favorite Transformer covers of all time (like the ones for issues 12 and 18). Plus a there'll be artists who had work in Voltron United and Drawn like Mark McHaley and artists who have done recent Transformer work for Hasbro like Brian Rood. It should be a great show for podcastalypsing and interviewing and all sorts of robo techspec-spectating!

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David H. said...

hey sorry to go off topic here EKM but something you know quite a bit about has had some recent developments. i was able to contact Dan Abnett (Abnett & Lanning)with an idea of how to bring ROM back with out any fears of legal repercussions. in less then 24 hours he got back to me telling me he'll run the idea by Marvel's legal dept. details are at today's posting.


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