Saturday, August 20, 2011

Toys R(obots) Us!

Toys R Us 24 November 1977

I've started an album over at Flickr Macrocrania called Non-circular Toys R Us ads 1977-1987 and it's full of old Toys R Us ads (or at least it will be soon). By "non-circular" I mean these aren't the full color Sunday circulars but instead they're the newsprint ads that were run in the regular pages of the newspaper during the week. They're not all of the weekday ads TRU ever ran from 77 through 87 but just the ones I liked. Obviously there is strong pro-robot/sci-fi toy bias and I'm not including ads that were nothing but bikes, baby furniture or dolls.

Some years are lacking in coverage so it's not all that robotty now but there's a lot coming. Like for example I haven't gotten up to posting anything from 1985 yet and that year is all sorts of robot fun. So I have a lot of ads to work through. In the meantime check out some cameos from '77 through 84 by famous robots from Shogun Warriors, Star Wars and maybe even a Zoid or two. I think fans of non-toy robot lines and just people who like Toys R Us might find this interesting. It's not complete yet but hopefully over the next few weeks I'll round out the rest of the missing years (and eventually do something similar for Lionel Playworld).

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