Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Pre-WizardWorld Post-Lauderbrutal 1985 RoboEnvironmental Disaster Party

The twenty-second seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse erupts like an underwater oil well spewing tremendous amounts of flaming oily 1985 toy robots into the gulf of Mexico. Yes it's a RoboEnvironmental disaster as I realize that in my carelessness and zeal to exploit the natural resource that is 25 year old pop culture, nobody noticed I used up all the 1985! Weep in joyful terror as the Nostrodomatron predicts a horrifying future where there are no more vintage toy robots newspaper ads left for future generations to bore themselves to death looking for at the library. Plus other deeply profound preponderances of great philosophical importance like why do the terrorists hate us for our toy robots and what's the best Micronaut thing to get Michael Golden to sign at a comic book convention. It's all here and more in this "I'M NOT WASTING MY PRESENT BY LIVING IN THE PAST, I'M RECYCLING PERFECTLY GOOD 1985" edition of the Podcastalypse!

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Service Merchandise 11/03/85

Sears 11/06/85


TRU 08 September 85

Sav-On 01/30/85

  • The heartwarming sense of self worth gained from ruining something good
  • The downtown Fort Lauderbrutal library and the dangers therein
  • It's hard to usher in the Roboplastic Apocalypse with reduced library hours
  • Discovery channel Christmas lights maniacs and their misguided priorities
  • Toy robots newspaper ad maniacs and their justifiably misguided priorities
  • Lazy librarians from 25 years ago impacting my hobby
  • Way more than anyone wants to know about Playworld circulars
  • Michael Golden at WizardWorld Miami
  • Crash course in Pallisades Acroyears variants
  • Blanking on Blinky
  • My Podcastalyptical effect on the secondary market value of ExoSquad comics
  • break-Bucky O'Hare
  • South Florida libraries are the Bermuda Triangle of Playworld newspaper ads
  • The negative psychological impact of repeated exposure to 1985
  • 1985 GoBot Trapper Keeper ad makes me wonder if I am paying attention in life
  • How much 1985 is left out there?
  • There is still lots of 1985 to go around now, but will it be there for future generations?
  • Is my blog an environmental 80s robots disaster?
  • Should we leave some 1985 for our grandkids?
  • 1985 didn't end, it got put into little boxes at the library
  • 1985 toy robots newspaper ads are a non renewable resource that I collect like baby seal furs
  • The coming cheap labor based Roboplastic Armageddon
  • Hopefully Vietnamese toy laborers don't shop at TRU
  • Finding alternative hobby fuels
  • Collecting not robots of toy robots but pictures of toy robots
  • Spending most of my 2010 in 1985
  • Reliving cool moment historical highlights of 1985 like serial killings and plane crashes
  • Recycling 1985 responsibly
  • break-Takara Microman Giant Acroyear
  • Is that a Megatron in your mouth or are you wearing robot pajamas?
  • Is this a Convertors toy robot ad or am I working in a robot assembling factory in Vietnam?
  • Wizard World Miami pre-game highlights
  • Landos and Batmans and DeLoreans oh my!
  • The Podcastalypse procures a press pass
  • Michael Golden and Bill Sienkewicz panels
  • G4 at MiamiWizardWorldCon
  • GoBots auction recap
  • Learning to use the Robofacial Bookocalypse
  • Don't Rocket Punch your friends!


Captain Rufus said...

Wow. Just finish your last podcast and there is a new one?


That's pretty boss.

Though while listening to the last one while stomping teams in Blood Bowl with my Necromantic squad full of touchdown making Wights and Werewolves I had a tinge of pain when you discussed Ebay MISC Gobots. In 01 from some non bay seller I got 2 seperate Renegade Gift Packs and all the Grungy Armor. And Puzzler.

They all now proudly collect dust in my living room.

Cy Kill, Tank, Crasher, Jeeper Creeper, the Gold Firebird/Trans Am, the double rotor helo. I guess they would be MONEY now. But it was September 01 when I got them and for obvious reasons I needed a pick me up so out of their prisons they went.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Yeah, this one came out fast because it was 3/4 of the way done before the GoBots bug bit me. I abandoned it to do the GoBots show which eventually became episode #21. The GoBots Trapper Keeper is another example of an ad I'll have laying around but I can't quite figure out in what context to put it so it ends up unused. I was glad to finally knock it out because it is rather cool.

Yeah the unmolested gift sets would probably pull money, especially the Cy-Kill one. I can see how it would be hard to live with yourself now after opening those, but September 11 really put a lot of things in perspective. I think more than a few people opened their old toys up that holiday season.

Its funny how owning 25 year old pristine toys in sealed boxes doesn't mean much when you're thinking world war three might happen tomorrow.


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