Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The fourteenth seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse collapses and crashes down like that shelf on your wall that you put too many toy robots on in this Vintage Space Toast Tour St. Petersburg edition of the Roboplastic Podcastalypse! Listen in fear and constipation as I recount my adventures traveling across Florida to invade the homes of several professional toy robots collectorators in search of Robot Japanians, Poppy Chigokens and other mispronunciations of Voltronian proportions. Yes, this is the one about last weekend when I attended my very first Robot-Japan Summit and discovered why people buy furniture and then put toy robots in it and also why everyone who does not live on Cybertron is Canadian. If you've ever traveled across Florida wondering what makes a toy robots collection worth traveling across Florida for, this is the podcastalypse for you! So lock up your robots because the Nostrodomatron is about to invade your robot room and leave fingerprints, saliva and other inappropriate bodily fluids all over your glass cases of toy robtos in this I DON'T COLLECT ROBOTS SO YOU HAVE TO edition of the Roboplastic Podcastalypse!

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Jack shows off his rare PROTOTYPE UNICRON

The Haul (a.k.a. Free things Ed and Jacksauce gave me)

Beyond bed...beyond bath...beyond your wildest imagination

Also check out Myles' Summit report at Robot-Japan!


Jack said...

I reiterate that, should you ever find yourself in orlando, my home and collection are open to you.

Don't sell yourself short on your own creative enterprise. Your exhaustive research makes you something of a scholar in the roboplastic world. Your hyperbolic preambles are well-crafted, amusing hooks that draw us into the world of the robot historian. If I still lived in south florida, I would be pushing you to collaborate with me on video podcasts about toy robots, with creatures and costumes. You, a slave to demented, information-hungry beings, would be a prisoner-historian, forced to sift through all roboplastic data on this earth, cataloging your segment of earth knowledge, one of many such prisoners on one of many such worlds. You would be the marquis de sade of roboplasticos.

Captain Rufus said...

Showing off a collection is a funny thing though. More people will MOCK you for having a collection of neat stuff than won't.

And its worse on me since I collect a bit of this, that, and the other as opposed to being a superfan of any one thing.

Hell, the self loathing of being a geek and having a collection has had me sell or put quite a bit of mine in storage tubs of things I will also sell and when people do seem interested in my stuff I get embarrassed over it.

I do go the blog thing, though both of mine are sort of barely followed, visited, or commented on so it generally feels like I am talking to myself most of the time, and I feel like a whore whenever I link it...

Its cool to see there are folks out there socializing and having meetups and such though.

Kingboy D said...

Nice follow-up podcast! Hope you're caught up on sleep by now. ;)

I linked your podcast on the RJ website too.

I often have discussions about collecting and keeping your collection hidden versus sharing. I just can't understand the gratification that could be had with having a collection but keeping it hidden from the world. Just my 2 cents.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Yeah, Jack, "exhaustive" is definitely a good way to describe it. My hobby and sleeping have been eternally battling for my Friday nights and lately sleeping's been losing.

Yeah, Capt. R I hear you about feeling alienated. I ain't gonna lie and say one day you'll find like minded individuals who will appreciate you and share your interests and love for whatever combination of plastic, paint and/or electricity consumes your spare time. But I've learned your chances do get better the longer you keep looking.

Blogging I see as the great humiliator-it teaches us humility by introducing us to its twin sisters obscurity and love. It drops us off at obscurity's house and leaves us there for a while. We think we'll find fame inside but it ends up being kind of lonely and dark. And just when I feel like leaving I always find that I love doing it too much, this talking to myself in the dark. I've always been a loner and a weirdo, though, so maybe that's just me.

Thanks for the link, Myles. I have some thoughts about the show to put over on your article and will be doing so soon.

agentmorris said...

Why is it when I hear Lionel Play World's jingle of "Turn that frown upside down" it always make me frown and tear up?
I'm such a softy lame bastard. But yes, it was an awesome time that I just didn't even know how to process until it was all said and done. You're always welcome in St. Pete, my man!

@Jack: Thanks for the Ultraman model kit!! I owe you!

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Hearing the Playworld song in the present makes you wanna cry because if you're looking for something for that little girl or boy and you're finding high prices but not finding toys and you're sad and you're blue and you're tired of running around...YOU'RE SCREWED!

fairplaythings said...

Robot Japan Summit sounded awesome! Also, I'm somewhat relieved that others have toy envy as well.

And it is true. We Canadians do speak a different language. It's gets us in trouble sometimes. Like this example that you will appreciate. We spell your "catalog" as catalogue. Which meant that my instant stalking on eBay for years was completely ineffectual because of a simple, superior spelling. C'est comme j'ai parle francais, zut alors!

But our medicare is a mean wheeled warrior...


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