Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dion's Torment

I got a robot in the mail today
of extremely limited edition
only a few thousand made
all packaged in mint condition

On the way back from the mail
I opened up the box
I detached-ed all the plastic bags
And finally held prized bot

With club exclusive pedigree
and some aftermarket collectibility
so prized by the Transfan fraternity
this robot worth forty bucks someplace
My son who's three looked up at me
and yelled, "PAPA IT'S GONNA RACE!"

So up and down the slide it went
Getting tires, doors and bumpers bent
And we were really enjoying Dion's torment
I wonder if one day he'll say thank you

Or will he begrudge the value lost?
Ask why couldn't we play with lesser bots.
But I'll say why play with a cheap robot
when a super rare forty dollar one will do?

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