Sunday, June 27, 2010

Botconocalypse 2010 Saturday: The Radio Free (and sleep free and sanity free) Botconocalypse

The Botconocalypse is upon me and I can't think or see straight but all I know is this has been the most concentrated dose of awesome old toy robot fun I have had in a long time. If you thought seeing some guy dressed as Snake-Eyes pretend fight some guy dressed as Deadpool in front of some guy dressed as a 500 foot tall Starscream was surreal, try doing it after being awake for 50 straight hours. I'm not even sure half the robot costumes I'm seeing are really there or not my brain is so fried.


What I am sure of is that Saturday I talked a lot at Rob and Brian's table while they were recording Radio Free Cybertron. We covered a wide range of subjects, including whether or not Cookie Monster t-shirts would look better if they had RFC logos ironed on top of them and that one time I met Bruce Dickinson. It is theorestically possible they may include my ramblings in their next podcast which may be up later on Sunday evening. It is also theoretically possible they were never there and I was talking to a bunch of Transformer bedsheets draped over a table.


Weasel said...

That's not a sheet, iirc. It's actually some fabric you can get at your local Walmart. Mine sells it. I need it. There are Bumblebees emblazoned upon it. ;)

Heavyarms said...

Did you do the custom class this year?

Evil King Macrocranios said...

No, I got $475 in traffic tickets in April and that ate up much of the budget I had saved for Botcon. So I couldn't take the class or go Primus or rent a car or do a lot of the other things $500 would have done on the trip. I've also consequently not been able to get War for Cybertron or the WfC toys or the book. So while I thought my display of automotive control and finesse was rather impressive, the policeman didn't appreciate seeing a '99 Dakota drifting the wrong way in the turn lane and I've been paying for it in toys.


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