Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Robo Force Punch-Out Toy Book CONCLUSION: No Sax Please, We're Zetonian

Last time on the RoboPaper Apocalypse I assembled the Maxx Steele and Hun-Dred paper models from the Robo Force Punch-Out Toy book. All that was left were the other two paper robots, Coptor and Blazer. The way I see it, the choice of characters included in this book supports my theory that Blazer was originally intended as a bad guy. If you could only choose four robots from a toyline in which the theme was two opposing factions fighting a robot war, then the most logical choice would be to take two robots from each side, right? Or maybe it is also possible that Blazer really was intended as a good guy and the pop out book creator figured he'd be a good choice because Blazer really steals the show in the Robo Force pack-in comics with his saxophone playing skills. I think my first hunch is right, though, because the pop out book unforgivably forgets to include a paper saxophone accessory for everyone's favorite sax playing pyromaniac.

I don't have a "real" Blazer or Copter but these paper models are decent stand ins. They're only millimeters shorter than other Robo Force robots and make really good representations of the characters. Paper Blazer's water cannon doesn't have the ability to swivel like the actual toy but paper Coptor does have rotating copter blades on top of his head. All in all I think the robot choices made for the book were pretty good because if you're really into Robo Force each of these guys stands out in some way in the fiction. Maxx is the star of the line, Hun-Dred the main villain, Blazer the sax lover and Coptor in the cartoon at least has significance as the first of the good Robo Force robots to be built, plus it really sounds to me like he was voiced by Peter Cullen. I love the paper models from the Robo Force Punch-Out Toy book both for the character choices and the quality of the builds and I'm really glad I got it (even if it is missing a saxophone).

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