Thursday, March 04, 2010


The fifth seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse shatters like Gary Gnu's skull taking a rocket fist to the face as I discover there may in fact be new developments relating to my favorite 25 year old toy roboplasticos! Listen in horror as I discuss revelations about new toys coming out that may or may not be the return of the Shogun Warriors and GoBots, Micronauts (or the lack thereof) at Toy Fair, and the new old Voltron DVD cartoon that came out last week! Plus Tales of the Robotarded featuring me buying (and losing) 90 dollar toy robots and a story of grown up Transformer fans trying to do good things for little children but that end up acting like little children themselves! YUP IT'S A WHOPPER ALRIGHT!

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  • Opening Poem-The Roboplastic Podcastalypse (Super Manly Scary Voice Version)
  • Show dedication to a good friend whose been in my pants for a long time
  • Hoping my life will erupt into a roboplastical mustard commercial
  • How to break friends and impress nobody
  • "Soul of Chogokin GX-49 Shin Mazinger-Z" is Japanese for both "Tranzor-Z" and "Sayonara ninety dollah"
  • Wondering if Koji Kabuto ever had to wait for the bus in front of Hooters
  • Cries and screams and no music to my ears
  • Standing in my stupid
  • Robotardation defined
  • Casually liking toy robots is like having cold sores
  • SWAN interview with Super 7 founder Brian Flynn about the $300 Shogun Stormtrooper
  • The upcoming $300 Anniversary Neo Mazinger-Z Jumbo
  • 'Naut at ToyFair 2010
  • HellYeahCop-Tur!
  • Live free or Dairugger
  • Shoutout to the Transformer fan illluminati
  • The 1986 Hasbro pre-Toyfair catalog gets put online and the ensuing robotarded fanpocalypse
  • An explanation of the significantly different prototype Transformers from the newly scanned '86 Hasbro Pre-ToyFair catalog
  • Show us your Thoroughly Informative Transformer Themed Internet Entertainment Sites!
  • Why I am too busy to come on all the big Thoroughly Informative Transformer Themed Internet Entertainment Sites
  • Ending poem


Anonymous said...

I'm reading the thread but don't get what everybody's talking about with the HUG YEAH SEACONS.

-Zebong Scandonga

Evil King Macrocranios said...

I said not to read further! But since you asked I shall relate this chilling tale of staggering robotardation.

When another Thoroughly Informative Transformer Themed Internet Entertainment Site started hotlinking pictures from the first Thoroughly Informative Transformer Themed Internet Entertainment Site, the first guys changed the pictures so that viewers going to the second site got this picture on their screens. I think it's some kind of reference to pirates that the internet kids today love so much, plus it contains the word "fuck" and that's always naughty. I'm in no position to pass judgement on what's tasteless or crude especially after most of the crap I post but I only have maybe a dozen occasional readers. The size and make up of the audience that was exposed to FUCK YEAH SEACONS was what makes that situation an incredible instance of mind numbing robotardation.

Now I don't really care about any kids that may have seen it but what I think is funny is the possibility that anyone working in any official Hasbro capacity might have been reading when that picture went up because those Hasbro creative types have a weird intellectualcestual relationship with the fans. Instead of getting offended Hasbro will probably do FUCK YEAH SEACONS references in the next cartoon. Plus there's always the possibility that someone from IDW saw it so FUCK YEAH SEACONS will probably pop up somewhere in the background in an upcoming Transformer comic, like as Teletran-1's screen saver.

After seeing how these wiki people started acting I understand why the fans I know who've had access to these catalogs all along don't post them. The knowledgepower of toy robots contained within these tomes is too powerful and corrupting to be unleashed on the robot nerd population at large. Seeing that catalog makes internet people act super robotarded. It's like the monoliths in the Kubrik/Clarke Space Odyssey series except it devolves Transformer fan behavior into messageboard arguments about hotlinking and eventually posting about Wuzzles.


Jack said...

That's insane that you go to Tate's. I grew up in south florida and Tate's was the comic/toy mecca for me throughout high school. That it lives to this day and has blossomed into such an extensive warehouse of robologia, and serves as an oasis for a cybercosmic scholar of plastistic paradise such as yourself, is a testament to the immortal heart of evilsteel that pumps our fuckblood.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

That's insane you go beyond the first five minutes of the Podcastalypse! But yeah I have always wondered how it's possible that a nerd Valhalla like that exists at all, especially when every other comic store around is no bigger than my garage. Their selection of not just new stuff but old comics and toys of the 70s and 80s has me convinced it's gotta be a front for the Yakuza or a money laundering operation run by time travelling space aliens who really really dig superheroes and Thundercats.

Captain Rufus said...

Fuck Yeah Seacons is an in joke to an in joke.

See there is this silly blog called FUCK YEAH SHARKS. It involves sharks. Mainly pictures of shark related things and the odd Lolcat type picture.

It is to Sharks what UK Resistance is to Sega fans. Except with less Britishness. (Aka: Its vaguely topic related? LETS MAKE A POST.)

So not only did the TF folks stop the hotlinking in a humorous way, they referenced a niche blog someone like me only found out about a few months back and I consider Shark Week the HOLIEST WEEK OF THE YEAR.

Though I am sure FYShark is referencing something else too.

So honestly it could have been better had it shown Sky Byte eating Mace Windu for extra in joke to the in joke to the injoke.

Anonymous said...

You should have waited on the Mazinger. has it now for half what you paid.

-Zebong Scandonga

fairplaythings said...

As threatened, more late comments.

Sadly, as you well know, I'm a catalog collector. And though I continue to dither on grand schemes, I continue to hide my dear catalogs under a bushel.

Also, Shogun Warrior Stormtrooper is hot.


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