Friday, March 12, 2010


The sixth seal of the Roboplastic Apocalypse crashers to the ground as I discuss the first year of the mightiest robots and mightiest vehicles ever! Listen in astonishment as my plan to do a short twenty minute show on the inception and introduction of the GoBots franchise evolves into part 1 of what will probably be an hour and a half long Gobotastic Podtrilogy!

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  • Intro poem "The Roboplastic Podcastalypse" (GoBotron edition)
  • Shout out to another GoBotastic podcast: TFWire Episode 176
  • Overview of stuff I mostly got to
  • Jarringly loud GoBots commercial
  • Success has many fathers, GoBots has three-Tonka, Bandai and Popy
  • Popy / Bandai's Machine Robo launch and its popularity overseas
  • Toy & Hobby Co. 11/22/84
  • Inc. Magazine's "What Makes GoBots Go?" article from July 1984
  • USA 1980-1982: No country for old robots
  • BandaiRobos: the rebranding and renaming of Machine Robo
  • Are you a man or a Machine Man?
  • Highway Robo does not turn into a highway
  • Controversy over Machine Man's original release date
  • Please Save Me GoBots: Tonka's tough times in the early 80s
  • Stephen Shanks goes with mighty robots and mighty marketers
  • Masters of the GoBoverse
  • Why Tonka mightily dumped the name "Machine Robo"
  • Lois Hanrahan and the initially lukewarm kid reaction to the toys
  • Mighty Puppies! Lion-O + Cooler = Cooli-O?
  • GoBots and Masters of the Universe names similarities
  • Discrepancy in story on packaging vs. cartoon
  • Michael Halperin: Father of Eternia and GoBotron
  • Key to the GoBots backstory: Making robots with PMS believable
  • The "legitimate GoBot government" and you
  • Toy robots stories require suspension of belief
  • How to fight a war without calling it one
  • Guardian yours, Enemy mine
  • Women, GoBots and the Transformers that don't love them
  • GoBots cartoon producers' attempts to satiate censors and consumer groups
  • Censors and consumer groups and how the GoBots cartoon producers did not satiate them
  • Have your Tank and eat it, too
  • Exit poem

*Also, at the 15:22 mark I originally said "Tonka in 1983" but I accidentally cut off the "3" during editing and I'm too lazy to go back and fix it right now.


Jack said...

Today, I caught up on unearthing the other broken seals of the podcastalypse. Spurred on by robologia, I sped my way through the night, intent on reaching Acme Comics, central florida hub of gobotivity, cybertonia, and shogunivity. However, it was closed. I arrived home, laden with defeat. Yet, what was in the mail, but Psycho, the super gobot, the first gobot of my adulthood. However, he had no eyes. I'm sure that the tonka or machine robo or whatever guys were pretty busy, but forgetting to put eyes on your robot is a major error. So I took him apart, snapped out the cockpit, glued in some rhinestones, and I now have a glorious future machine that can optically spectrolate the cosmoverse.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

If they ever make an action figure of you that comment should totally be the bio card. Plus your figure should come with a mini customized Psycho GoBot accessory.

Phillyradiogeek said...

Cool episodes on the Gobots. I give the podcast a plug at my blog today. Please check it out!

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Well thanks, I appreciate it!


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