Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On the third day of GoBots, Consumers gave to me: Leader-1 stickers applied correctly

Old newspaper ads for Super GoBots are rather common. Old newspaper ads for Leader-1 and Cy-Kill are extremely common. But old newspaper ads for the Super GoBot versions of Leader-1 and Cy-Kill? For some reason those have been extremely uncommon in my experience. Usually Staks and Spay-C are the guys showing up in Super GoBot ads. Also uncommon in any medium is to see a Super Leader-1 with his stripes applied correctly. Nowadays the one or two or three sites that have pictures of it show examples of the toy with stickers that are all over the place. Ebay auctions are the same way, too. But lo and behold whoever hooked up the Consumers camera guy got it right. I am certain this ad has the sticker placement correct because that's the way the stickers appear in the '86 Tonka toy catalog. Isn't it strange how as kids we could transform anything correctly and our parents couldn't but when it came to stickers it was the adults who got it right while we were about as skilled as tarded aardvarks?

I feel like there's a joke dying to be made about a store called Consumers selling stuff for $6.66 but I'm playing video games right now so you're on your own, my fellow Macrocranians.


Rob said...

I'll have to check my Super GoBot Leader-1 when I get home from work and see if my parents applied the stickers correctly in 1985.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Man what I would have given to have my dad be interested enough in my crap to want to put the stickers on. I always did it myself or let older cousins do it. Did your dad play GoBots with you too, like in the commercials? I thought it strange how kids in Transformer commercials never had their parents around and they always looked pissed off while GoBots kids seemed to be generally having a good time.

Rob said...

Actually, I think it was my mom who put the stickers on. When I woke up Christmas morning in 1985, my Super GoBots were all set up, ready to be played with. So was Omega Supreme.

But no, my parents didn't play with my Transformers and GoBots with me, which was fine. I barely played with any of them least, not in the way the children played with them in the commercials. I enjoyed looking at them, transforming them back and forth, and trying to figure out how they were made. To me, they were more like logic puzzles and works of industrial design art than toys.

Here's a photo of my Super GoBot Leader-1 I took this morning before work. Either my mom applied the striped stickers incorrectly or the instructions were incorrect. I'm guessing it was the instruction's fault because the stickers on all of my other Transformers and GoBots are correct.


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