Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On the seventh day of GoBots, BnB Hardware gave to me...THE KING OF GOBOTRON

It was absolutely heartbreaking to see my favorite GoBot of all time sell on eBay the other day. Yes, a pristine example of the greatest GoBot and largest toy robot ever sold at retail went up on eBay and only pulled 26 bucks. I was so sorely tempted and yet I had no practical use for it because although my son is two he's more into his electric powered ride on car (that doesn't turn into a robot). Although I've loved this GoBots thing since the day I first found an ad for it, I felt like if I got it for the Prince of Macrocrania I would be forcing the robots on him which I really don't want to do, plus if I were to buy it for me I really have no room for this toy that's larger than Fortress Maximus. What's a 35 year old guy gonna do with a ridey toy for toddlers anyway? But oh well. At least I will still have this great ad I found for the GoBot ride-on from a store called BnB Hardware that ran December 19, 1985. OH WHO AM I KIDDING OF COURSE I WOULD HAVE TRIED TO RIDE IT.


Hooper_X said...

I'm betting Power Cycle is bigger than this guy. Power Cycle has a way shittier transformation, but he's also a big wheel, which beats this gay scooter thing anyday.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Have you ever written something you felt was complete and utter throwaway garbage and then someone of great import and accomplishment picks that of all things to connect with you on?

TRANSFORMer bike is an abortion.


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