Thursday, October 15, 2009

Finally I can see those PG-13,000 movies

Today is my 13,000th day of being alive. I call it my birthousandth day because I've lived a thousand times the number of the day I was born on, the 13th. I have not been this excited about a living related milestone since my 13th birthday fell on Friday the 13th back in '87. 13,000 days is a momentous occasion and as if to celebrate, the people at Animation Supercon Flickr'd four great pictures of me at their convention I attended a week and a half ago when I was only 12,988 days old. I kind of feel bad for people born on the 31st because they won't get to celebrate their birthousandth day until they're 84.

Me getting there
Me sitting there

Me buying there

Me standing there


If anyone is interested in more pictures from Supercon or just interested in pictures of Snowtroopers, Sailor Moons and wrestling Batmans in general, check out the thousands of Supercon 09 shots they put up over at the Supercon Flickr. I would like to especially thank the Supercon people for posting these pictures of me because that last one was taken during the sewing panel I forgot to take pictures at. When I saw a guy with a camera set up in the corner of the room and take a couple shots I figured he was either the official con photographer or a huge fan of the Vintage Space Toaster Palace. What a great 13 birthousandth day present. I wonder what the internet will do for me in 13 days when I turn 13,013. HOPEFULLY NOT A CASE OF THE TINJA NURTLES.


Weasel said...

Does this mean you're not going to need an ID in order to buy ultra-porn? Awesome.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

The gas station lady carded me for lotto tickets last week. When she saw my I.D. I said, "BOO-YAH! OVER 13,000 DAYS, BABY!" She will remember me next time.

deadbeat senna for all occasjions said...

sounds like you need to hit up hallmark and pimp that idea for a million bucks


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