Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crashing into the volcano is easy-it's the unpacking that takes 4 million years


a) A listing of wireless networks available in my neighborhood

b) Evidence that I have successfully set up and secured my internet router

c) Evidence to the neighborhood that the new guy down the street has internet and is a colossal robotard


a) Proof my washer and dryer survived the 2,000 mile trip and the past three months in storage

b) Alpha Dry-on vs Washor "Rumble in the Tumble Cycle" Sears exclusive giftset



a) A scene from the first episode of the Transfromers cartoon

b) What my bedroom looked like in 1989 when I was 15 after 5 years of playing with Transformers

c) What my bedroom looks like now in 2009 when I'm 35 after 5 days of unpacking my collection of toy robots I broke all to hell by 1989


Colin said...

Three facts:

1. I completely agree with the 4 million years to unpack sentiment. Particularly after a weekend of sorting and cross-organizing a menagerie of toylines.

2. I never thought of taking the movie magnets and putting them on the washer and dryer, thus completing the Transformerdominion over the house and home. Brilliant. Particularly as the dryer is kind of a Decepticon with its energy-hogginess.

3. Their war. My pants. Brilliant!

Heavyarms said...

I want to hear more about this Sears Exclusive "Rumble in the Tumble Cycle" gift set.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Well it costs over $2,000 and the washer & dryer don't transform but they do have cool electronic sounds and lights.

Weasel said...

Washor sounds like an Armada mini-con. Why hasn't Hasbro used that name yet?!

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Because little boys don't like doing laundry or washing dishes?


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