Friday, August 07, 2009

23 years ago tomorrow Peter Cullen's car payments get a little bit tougher

07 August 1986


Weasel said...

Augh! Oh Primus, the trauma! (Though I didn't cry when I saw it as a kid. That came much, much later. I'm not kidding either.)

Heavyarms said...

FACT: I didn't see the movie until 1999.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

You're not alone. I think Bob Budiansky hadn't seen the movie until 2006 when IDW asked him to write the comic adaptation. I remember asking him about that at Iacon One. Before the convention I read up on him and found out from interviews that he'd never seen it. I'm looking online for the exact quote where he said that but it may be in a recording I have of his Botcon 2005 panel. Then either during or after his Iacon One panel in '06 I asked if he still hadn't seen the '86 movie and he said he did. The news of his return to writing Transformer books hadn't broke yet so I wondered why after all these years he'd go back and watch it. Now I hear he's writing a prequel to the movie. It's funny how something he never watched back then has become the nucleus of his return to the franchise decades later.


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