Saturday, May 30, 2009

LIVE FROM VINTAGE SPACE TOAST TOUR PASADENA: Uncut, uncensored (and ungood) videos from the cradle of roboplastic animation civilization-part 1

Thanks to the trailblazing (or should I say trailbreaking?) example set by Rik Bakke I was able to make the most of my Botcon vacation and hit up some places here in Pasadena rich in roboplastic history. Over the last few days I've been using his website as a guide so I could see for myself a couple of the buildings Rik visited during his 2002 visit to Southern California. I've taken some video of each place and to start off here's me blabbing in front of the old Marvel animation pre/post production warehouse where the old 80s Transformer cartoon was made.* When you watch these videos two things will become apparent: a) the exterior of this building has changed much even in the few years since Rik was here with Paul Davids and b) I should not be doing videos.

*In the last few days former G1 Transformers cartoon story editor Bryce Malek has YouTubed a video of the Marvel Productions offices where he worked and it is a very different building. The building in his video is differs greatly in appearance from the one I visited so the cartoon may have been worked on in several different locations. Since Bryce will be at Botcon tomorrow I may have the opportunity to ask him about this in person. STAY TUNED FANS OF OLD TOY ROBOTS BUILDINGS FANS!

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