Monday, October 20, 2008

The next best thing to reading there

Google has been archiving newspaper articles and in some instances, microfilm of the papers themselves have been digitized! This kicks ass because it's like a virtual microfilm machine that lets me strain my eyes and sanity searching through the Saint Petersburgh Times at home without ever having to go to Florida. The pull out ads are missing so its usefulness as a source for vintage space toaster ads is limited, but oftentimes I'll run into a great toy robots related article that makes the looking worthwhile.


agentmorris said...

Holy crap that's awesome.

What's crazy is the Montgomery Wards they mention in the St. Pete Times article was the same store where I got a couple of Stunticons that I still own to this day. That building is now an auto parts warehouse.

Now granted, I still live in St. Pete, so I have easy access to public library microfilms in person, but the fact that you can go online and look at them is just awesome.

deadbeat Senna said...

Wow check out the movie section oppostie this page from August 1986 for the Transformers Movie opening day ad.


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