Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Deep down we are more like than unlike Super Ninetndos

I had a 'scary' dream last night that I could tell was my mind trying to scare me but not doing a very good job at it. Since it is my mind, it thinks it knows what I think is spooky but it half asses everything. What it tries to do is trigger feelings of fear and just tape them over some pseudo-scary situations that it makes up. I remember the dream had something to do with aliens following me and it climaxed with an alien in the bathtub looking at me while I was brushing my teeth and I saw him in the mirror. I ended up feeling slightly scared but more annoyed and embarrassed for my mind. Was this the most scary thing I could think of? An alien in the bathtub? I turned around and punched him in the face.


As I punched the alien in the nose I saw the fabric of dreamland reality warp around my fist like a whirlpool and I began to wake up. What I found strange was that as I was waking up I could sense the transition from the dream reality to the real reality. While I was inbetween realities I felt like a blank slate. Then I became aware of informations being downloaded into my mind. It was as if facts were being inputted to me a little at a time and I began to understand who I was, then where I was and at what point in my life and once the download was complete I felt awake and aware. For a little while before all the pieces fell into place I remember staring at the ceiling fan and wondering where I was but not being very concerned about not knowing. It was strange to feel like a blank slate being filled with memory or instructions or programming. I wonder what would have happened if at the instant the "who I was" information came to me, my wife would have leaned over and whispered "YOU ARE THE PILOT OF BLUE LION".

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Weasel said...

I've had that feeling before. It kinda weirds me out.


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