Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Coo-Coo for Coco-Bots

I had this idea for a post where I would put up some interesting old newspaper ads I've found that weren't related to toy robots. When I'm looking at the old newspapers I see a lot of ads for 80s toys that don't fit into my criteria for the Vintage Space Toaster Palace but if I like them I grab them anyways. I was going to do a sort of "Top Ten Non-Robot Ads I Like Even Though They Don't Have Robots" countdown bit here and number ten was going to be an ad I found for G.I Joe cereal. But I'm looking at this ad that shows some kid and his mom at the table eating G.I. Joe cereal and I'm wondering what could I write about it to make it interesting. So after writing down dumb ideas like "BREAKFAST IS HELL", I thought screw this crap I wonder if they ever made Transformers cereal. (Actually, wondering if they ever made Transformers cereal is the default thought in my head all the time anyways no matter what I'm doing.)


I did some internet searching and I found a thread on a cereal box collector message board where a guy is letting people know that he's put up for sale a rare prototype Transformers cereal box on eBay. The thread was from March of this year and as I read through the two pages of posts I found out that back in 198X, Ralston (the makers of G.I. Joe cereal) decided not to go through with Transformers cereal because they felt the fad was dying. So the box is a prototype of a cereal that never hit the grocery store shelves. The seller put up pictures of the front and back of the box on his Flickr and I'm surprised there aren't already ten Tryptzillion hits to them by all my fellow Transformers historians. It ended up selling on eBay for $349!! For that price I could pay Peter Cullen to come to my house and make me breakfast, while doing his Optimus Prime voice as he asks, "Now what kind of cheese do you want in your omelette? I've got cheddar and mozarella here so you're gonna have to make up your mind."


Heavyarms said...

I remember back in the 80's there was a Kellogg's Indiana Jones tie-in, but for some reason it didn't capture the Nazi-killin', face-meltin', head-asplodin' goodness of the film.

Or maybe it was around the time of Temple of Doom so it didn't capture the monkey brain-eatin', heart out-rippin' goodness of the film.

agentmorris said...

I tried some "Kung Fu Panda Crunch" cereal this past weekend. I was really disappointed that it ended up not tasting like panda at all, but more like that waffle cereal.

I was kinda bummed, but I think I still want to see that movie when it comes out on DVD just to see a panda kicking other animals in the face.

More back to your post, I love the fact that people that collect cereal boxes have their own online forum. This is truly a great world we live in.

Weasel said...

I don't think I'd want a cereal that tastes like Cullen. I'd want one that tastes like.... Ah screw it, you know exactly where I'm going with this!

With as hot as the TF movie was last year, I'm really surprised that a tie-in cereal wasn't released. I am, however, enjoying the TF:A fruit snacks* from Betty Crocker. I save the Bumblebees for last. :D

*Useless fact: Bumblebee is the only character who has two different shapes. He has a "robot" mode shape and a vehicle mode shape. Both are equally delicious.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Hey Heavyarms are you sure you're talking about Indiana Jones because it sounds like you described Faces of Death Volumes 1-5.

You know what I love about cereal people forums? They end up getting into the exact same silly debates about the secondary market value of cardboard boxes from 25 years ago, just like Transformers fans. That cereal guy who wrote that G2 Dairy Queen Prime was a highly sought after collectible is a total wacko, too.

Lynn, I try to live my life the Shia LeBouf way-I would rather be in Transformers than have Transformers in me.


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