Friday, June 06, 2008

After I saw this I dreamt about Rocket Tubes

Hey all you Bananamen, Microsexuals is the hottest sitcom ever, and I'm naut just being a Hornetroid when I say that! Now get out there and support their creator by buying a GAY EMPIRE HOMOTROOPER!


Anonymous said...

If they can get it to buffer the entire episode instead of 2-5 seconds at a time on a wi-fi connection, I'll watch. From what I saw I can't decide if it's pure genius or retarded.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Oh my god while I was away they did a fourth episode and it really sucked, so don't bother. I think they just jumped the shark. I liked it originally because being gay wasn't the entire focus of the episode. The stories were just told from a gay robot perspective and I thought that was hilarious. But the fourth one is so "look at us we're gay robots" that I feel like the writer has lost focus. The first three were nice tight little character driven pieces and this fourth one is just a string of disjointed unrelated lowbrow gross-out humor. Oh well, forget I ever mentioned Robosexuals. I'm trying to.


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