Saturday, May 31, 2008

I can't afford to make a state of the art fully immersive virtual reality simulator, but who needs that when I have YouTube and some Robitussin

I'm having dreams about Botcon again. This is weird because I usually dream about things I am excited about before they happen and Botcon already happened over a month ago. This can only mean I have some sort of post traumatic stress disorder, except it's a rare RoboPlasti-Bergers variant of it where I keep reliving Botcon in my head. I think I feel shame over having decided to skip the Hasbro new products presentation so in my dream I'm stuck in the dealer room surrounded by people in robot costumes and they keep announcing over the intercom that the Hasbro panel is coming on in five minutes but I can't find the exit to go see it. I keep yelling dumb stuff like "Wait for me Hound! Wait for me Cyclonus!" and then I wake up. I decided I have RTSD, or RoboTarded Stress Disorder.


Luckily I have found out that the military is having success with a new form of immersion therapy treatment for recent war veterans with PTSD. They call it Virtual Iraq and the idea is that they put these guys in virtual reality environments that reproduce the wartime scenarios the patients were in originally, eventually numbing their mind to the stresses of the original experience. I think I can use this concept to help me with my Botcon induced RTSD.


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Weasel said...

Actually I think you have Post Ecstatic BotCon Syndrome, which is something my friend Dai Atlas says he gets every year. It's kinda like coming down from a high, so to speak.

Count your blessings: last year after BotCon I had a dream where the Bumblebee set piece was on display in the Hasbro Toy Shop room... and it wasn't a set piece. It was the real Bumblebee.
Best. Dream. Ever.


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