Thursday, March 13, 2008

For this one you have to know that in spanish, "chair" is spelled "silla" and pronounced "see-ya"

I always thought it would be a good idea to have a robot who turns into an electric chair. It wouldn't be human sized, but around 30 feet tall so the other robots could sit in it. He could be the guy all of his friends use to charge up. Then in battle he could turn into a chair in the middle of the battlefield and wait around for some robot from the opposing side to sit in him so he could electrocute the guy. Here are my top ten name ideas for transforming electric chair guy:

10 Headblaster

9 Pantsstreaker

8 Barbecue Prime

7 Ultra Crispy

6 Sparkytron

5 Chargy Maximus

4 Chairfire

3 The Shocky

2 R2-BBQ

1 El Silla-lator


Weasel said...

Stealing another one from Def. (Hey, I guess he's good for something after all!)

Seeing this..."suddenly I have the urge to steal energy and destroy!"

In the chair (whose name should be something far more awesome, like, I don't know, Surge Protector), you couldn't put a more deserving mechanoid?

Emo Bot?
I mean, Rodimus Prime?
(no, I meant Emo Bot.)

(I am so dead.)

Rob said...

How about a Transformer that starts out in robot mode, then spends a minute transforming, and ends up exactly the way it started. It transforms into itself!

What could it be called?

Evil King Macrocranios said...



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