Monday, March 31, 2008

Another Mickey Mouse drawing, except of a robot

The idea of doing a quick five minute sketch on a post-it note like I did for Mickey Mouse seemed like a lot of fun so I tried it again with a different subject. Then I started feeling self conscious about what I was doing, mostly thoughts like, "Oh no! You are too old to be drawing robots on post-it notes". I'm good at not letting that kind of thinking stop me from trying, but it's there in the back of my mind.

Then I started thinking, "What is this, really?" Was I really doing fanart, or was it something different? At the very basest level, was this fanart or a five minute memory drawing exercise? The subject matter seemed to define the action. If I drew a rock would that mean I am a fan of rocks? Was this fanart, or an exploration of how my mind stores, files and recalls imagery? What was this thing looking back at me from the post-it note? And now that I've done this drawing, what would happen if I tried to do a drawing of this drawing from memory?

Today when I am talking to people they will think I am totally engaged in conversation with them, but my mind will really be obsessing over a five minute post-it note sketch of a cartoon robot I did last night.



That's the best looking Bumblebee I've ever seen. If you could do a web comic with G1 guys looking like that, I'm sure it'd be a hit.

Makes me want a Post-It notepad and a pen.

Heavyarms said...

Better than I could have ever done. I may have to get around to posting some of my storyboards for my webcomic (what?), so you can see my skills. Think 1 step above stick figures.

No wait...that's 1 step below stick figures.


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