Monday, February 18, 2008

Death by Styrofoam OR: I don't want my only enduring mark on this world to be an indestructible shrine to hermetically sealed toy robot Volkswagens

I am a toy robot volkswagen
laying buried in a junkyard, abandoned
Many parts missing, rusting away
Enchanted nonetheless
by a past where I've been blessed
Reflecting on my glory days
Played with and bruised and very well used
My life-a tribute to fun and abuse
My legacy-a childhood well played

I am a toy robot volkswagen
sitting on a shelf, still in my package
Accessories in baggies sealed within
Still decaying nonetheless
from the pvc decomposition process
In my inner packaging styrofoam coffin
Never played with or abused, sitting here all unused
My life-a tribute to secondary market value
And I'm wondering what might have been

I am a toy robot volkswagen collector
self appointed toy robot volkswagen protector
My incredible collection would make you go WOW
But I look up at my shelves
And I wonder about myself
Why having fun is something I can't myself allow
Overcompensating for the day
I broke one and threw it away
and I'm wondering where that first one is now


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful. I mean it.

Evil King Macrocranios said...

Thanks! When I wrote it I was thinking I really wanted to write something I could recite at some seedy hipster coffee shop in Cincinnati on open mic night.

Weasel said...

Heh, my V-Dubs stay with me, no matter what. I'm a pathetic nerd that way.

Dude, if you do an open mic night thing, you'll need someone to play the bongos in the background. You know, to make your stuff sound edgy and cool and hip.


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