Saturday, June 23, 2007

American Motormaster sounds like a magazine old people subscribe to so they can read something as they circle Mount Rushmore repeatedly in their RVs

My disorganization depresses Sky Lynx
I'm looking at my robot room I call Fortress Messimus and I asked myself, do I really need three Bruticuses? And the answer was "Yes". Well not really, but I've got this vision where I'd like to display every Transformer from '84-'86 in all their modes. Ideally I'd have a setup similar to the old catalogs that used to have multiples of the same figure in order to show both the robot and the car (or jet or toilet or whatever) they turned into. This vision is easy enough to accomplish when we're talking about robots that only turn into one thing but then when you're talking triple changers or combiner teams it gets complicated. Thus I do see the value in having at least three sets of Combaticons, which under any other circumstances would be the sign that you're an OCD serial killer.

I have a problem though because I don't have as many duplicates as I need to pull this off with the other combiner teams. Now all of a sudden having two sets of Japanese Stunticons isn't enough. I have some extra Stunticons but not enough to complete a third team. At the very least I'll need another Motormaster, which presents a problem because I've always felt Japanese Motormasters were superior to the US releases because they had the little spring loaded launcher gimmick. Unfortunately, Japanese Motormasters are about as common as hot chicks at Botcon. I guess if it's just for display I'm not going to be all hoity toity about my third Motormaster being Japanese this time. I think I'll be able to live with myself if I own one American Motormaster.

I'm glad that toy robots is still fun for me, especially since over the last ten years I've seen a lot of collectors with very impressive collections just totally give up and sell everything off. My recent eBaying of items that don't fit within my collecting goals has helped me appreciate what I do have all that much more. Knowing what I want to accomplish in regards to my toy robots hobby really helps. Thanks to my newfound vision and focus I think I'll finally have the collection I wanted. Although the truth is I have no friends and I wasted my life making all the wrong choices, I still got ROBOTS, AND HELL I CAN BE GOOD AT ROBOTS.

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Heavyarms said...

I can't understand the guys that spend all that time and money and then get rid of everything.

My wife always asks what I'm going to DO with all my little plastic robots. (Why do I have to do ANYTHING with them? Can't I just put them on a shelf and forget about them?) I finally came upon an answer that finally shut her up. I told her I want to be buried in a tomb like that Chinese emperor. The one that has thousands of little 1/4 scale ceramic soldiers to protect him in the afterlife.


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