Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Robot stuff at the storez OR: I I finally meta guy who hates Optimus Prime

tHE LATEST issue of Mass Appeal magazine hit the shelves here in Rapid City last week and it's great. Did you know Ben Yee has approximately 7,000 Transformers? Mass Appeal issue 45 has interviews with him and other interesting TF people including my favorite comic writer Bob Budiansky. If you're a frequent visitor to many of the big Thoroughly Informative Transformer Themed Internet Entertainment Sites you already knew about it. I think it's important to keep on top of the big Thoroughly Informative Transformer Themed Internet Entertainment Sites because this is a good article. My wife wanted to show me her Thoroughly Informative Transformer Themed Internet Entertainment Sites the other day and I said, hell yeah, show me those Thoroughly Informative Transformer Themed Internet Entertainment Sites because yours might be better than mine. And they were.

DSCN6890I found one of those unlimited articulation Optimus Primes and the Prince of Macrocrania hates it. I guess he's more of a fan of die cast construction. From this point on we are enemies!

There's lots of TF Movie merchandise hitting the shelves. Some of it is being put out a bit earlier than the scheduled release date of June 2nd. I saw the kids' movie storybooks and Optimus Prime and Bumblebee keychains at TRU, and some deluxe figures at Target. KMart's had most everything else from the toyline out for about a week now. Seeing this new stuff reminds me how I felt back when Beast Wars came out. Those animal Transformers were so different from any TFs that came before it created a rift in the fandom, kind of like how Macross fans fuckin' hate Robotech and vice versa. I think this movie stuff is going to create the next big fandom rift, seperating the kids who grow up liking the movie look and the kids who grew up liking anything that came before it. The movie's getting sequels so this design aesthetic is here for a few years. That'll be long enough to grow a good strong base of fans who like the movie toys and will be all loud about how super great it is. But I don't really give a crap either way because the ONLY ROBOTS I'm buying next aren't movie toys.


Weasel said...

Careful with that Prime. His seams have a tendency to rip, or so I've heard. This means I'll have to handle the Bumble-plushies with kid gloves. =/

I'm torn on the movie designs. On one hand, I'm not crazy about them, but on the other.....

I admit it, I actually like Bumblebee's movie design. (How could I not? It's Bumblebee!) So I'll happily buy his toys, more or less. Just not sure if I'm gonna like what they do to his character in the movie. :(

You are wise to distust the young Prince's love of die cast. Die cast is quite heavy and makes an effective weapon. He may be planning to usurp the throne. ;)

Evil King Macrocranios said...

It's not the Bumblebee I remember. The Bumblebee I remember was a fuel efficient spy with no firepower. Movie Bumblebee is an ass kicking covert agent with a huge arm gun. Holy crap when did that happen?


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