Friday, May 25, 2007

Gaming news from Macrocrania: Sony releases Ass-O-Vision filter for PS3

Once I decided to get a PS3 I went out and bought a lot of old PS2 games that I missed out on because they didn't come out for my NintendoCube. I bought lots of awesome PS2 games like the Robotech one, Star Wars Battlefront II, and of course the Transformers game based on the TF:Armada TV show. But when I sat down and played them on my new television with the high definitions, they looked like total ass! Older games and even DVDs don't really look good on HD TVs because they were made for lower resolution televisions and not the HD sets with the 720p and 1080p resolutions. That is, unless the picture can be upscaled, which is the process where a good DVD player will add extra P's to a standard picture. Let me tell you, those extra p's make all the difference. It's the difference between whacking off to pictures of Olivia Munn in the dumpy clothes she wears when she hosts Attack of the Show and whacking off to her looking all smokin' hot in a Princess Leia slave girl outfit.

So I was kind of sad that my older games looked crappy so I bought a a real next generation game named Need For Speed Carbon in which I could get into some fantastic looking, high definition, horrible car accidents. I figured that would get me by until the new Transformer movie game came out, but in the back of my head I really wanted to drive an AT-AT in that Star Wars Battlefront PS2 game I bought. But hail Satan and break out the AT-ATs because Sony just released PS3 firmware update 1.80. It includes the ability to upscale the video output of older games and movies so that they look good on hi-def TVs. Thanks Sony because I didn't buy a 42 inch TV to play games in ass-o-vision.

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