Tuesday, April 24, 2007

iF BRUCE DICKINSON IS RIGHT my life jumped the shark 29 years ago

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The best sources of inspirational philosophical guidance in my life have been interviews with Bruce Dickinson in heavy metal magazines. (Also the lyrics from his 1994 solo record "Balls to Picasso".) Over breakfast yesterday I was reminded of one of the most meaningful uplifting things ever said by a human being, which came from a Bruce interview in a 2005 issue of the magazine "Dehumanizer".

tHE mark of a truly profound phrase is if it can be taken out of context and applied to other situations and it still rings true. Like how Bruce Dickinson said that many bands only have four good albums in them. When I read that I was floored. What a great way to explain how fantastic things should be appreciated on their own merits and how expectations based on previous performance can lead to disappointments, blinding us to the greatness of what has come before. So what if your favorite band's fifth album sucked? You got four great records out of them. You should be happy.

I was eating some bacon yesterday and the fifth slice was kind of burnt. I asked myself, what would Bruce Dickinson say about this? He'd say I should be appreciative of the other four bacons. And I was.

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