Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Eternal Feedbacks of the Podcast Kind

A couple months back I was watching Jim Carey promote his movie "The Number 23" on Good Morning America or some other show like that. The name of the show was irrelevant because while I was watching it I was not in a) America or b) Morning. It was during his otherwise pointless monologue between the "I'm married to Jenny McCarthy" and the mean spirited Britney Spears bashing that he said something almost Bruce Dickinsonian in profundity. He said it was his belief that the reason for our human existence is so that we bear witness to creation. It was an interesting and uplifting thought that has stuck with me. It's pretty flexible in its interpretation because it allows for a person to enjoy other people's creations, the creation of things not just made by man and also to be motivated to bring into existence their own work. We are here to be witness to creation. (Or maybe I heard him wrong and he said we are here to be witness to his creations, in which case all of humanity exists for the sole purpose of providing an audience for the Truman Show and The Number 23, which still wouldn't be all that bad.)

SOmewhat recently over on the Moon Masters boards, the Maharaja Mack Daddy reminded me why it is important to acknowledge the work of podcasters I like. It has been a while since I realized my one true calling in life is to act as a validating mechanism for those who create internet content, so I took his words to heart. I've been failing the podcasts I listen to by not generating feedback and that is something I hope to correct over the next few days by leaving comments or voicemails at their respective sites. As only one person in a larger audience it does seem rather pointless but there is nothing sadder than seeing podcasts with feedback systems put in place and then they get 0 comments. Or the comments they do get are "Doods UR Show ROCKS!" or even worse, abstract unrelated commentary like "FU Britney! WE ARE HERE TO WITNESS CREATIONZ!"

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