Sunday, March 18, 2007

To Wii or not to Wii (but mostly not to Wii)

After spending more money than I was comfortable with getting a television that I can't figure out how to use, I wanted to get a Wii (aka Super Gamecube) but it turns out the best signal I can get out of a Wii is 480p over component cables, which is like Luigi giving me a hand job. I've been getting bent over by Mario for years now I was hoping I could get some Princess Peach action but it looks like the Wii moves laterally in terms of picture resolution and now it's time for the other plumber to have his way with me. I know the Wii is supposed to be the video game system for people who hate video games (and the people who play them), but hot damn give me video out options that I didn't already have on my five year old Gamecube. S-video was available on the Super Nintendo and 480p is something I could do with component cables on the Cube so I was hoping we'd see a step up as part of the overall trend of improved video signal quality with each succesive console. Even if the graphics weren't going to be all that big a leap it would have been nice to have a better resolution signal. Hell I'm not even asking for HDMI ports. You don't even need a high end high def TV to appreciate 720p. I should have known that once Nintendo stopped making Gamecubes with component out ports then picture quality wouldn't be a priority anymore. Oh but what do I know. My left eye is blurry.

I guess I'm still pissed that Twilight Princess got delayed over a year. I should have been playing that on the Cube in December of '05. There are only three reasons I buy a Nintendo console and that's for the next gen versions of Zelda, and Nintendo flavored Star Wars and Transformers. I'm not biting on Wii versions of the upcoming Star Wars Unleashed and Transformers movie games because I don't think the Wii can deliver as enjoyable an experience as the XBox or PS3. The Wii is so underpowered graphically compared to the other systems that those cross platform games will embarrass Wii owners who think they're in the same league as the other systems. I say don't even pretend, Nintendo. Stick to retrofitting Wiimote support to old Gamecube games and leave the titles that are relevant to current pop culture to the other consoles. I'm sure Conker's Bad Fur Day with Wiimote support would sell like hotcakes. Stop molesting me Marios!

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