Saturday, February 10, 2007

The last time, I was interesting


I feel like although I have a tripod now and I can frame pictures better, the Antarctica pictures I took last year without one had a lot more spirit and life in them. Last year I had to find creative spots to put the camera like on snow berms or on rocks so the perspectives are really odd and they've got a lot of personality. I'm really looking forward to getting home to South Dakota so I can get those Antarctic Summer '05-'06 pictures up on Flickr.

My weather observing shifts at Pegasus are done and it looks like I'm closing out the season at Williams Field. There's a lot more airplane action there and a lot crazier weather. It was fun being a Pegasus observer though and I will miss it. I liked the wildlife and seeing happy people go home. I was out at Williams Field a lot last summer so getting to observe there again is a homecoming of sorts. There will be a bit of Pegasus seperation anxiety though. I really liked it out there. Now that I'm at Williams Field expect lots of pictures of me and LC-130s over at the Antarctica Summer '06-'07 set. (By the way, there are new pictures on pages 13 and 14.)

The final issue of this season's Antarctic Sun (McMurdo's weekly newspaper) has a lot of good stuff in it. I especially liked the profile story where an old timey guy describes how life on the station used to be. Heck, I noticed big obvious changes from one year to the next. I can't imagine all he's seen over the course of 18 years.

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