Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Riding the Winged Snow Horsey

I decided to keep throwing pictures of this season in Antarctica into the one folder at Flickr Macrocrania. Whenever there are updates to the Antarctica Summer '06-'07 set I'll post about it here. By the way, I added six new pictures of me at Pegasus blue ice runway to the set today.

Pegasus blue ice runway has a terribly incomplete entry in Wikipedia. Reading that makes it seem like Pegasus is a third rate generic loser airstrip we only use when there's no other choice. Like when people take their cousins to the dance, not realizing that genetic facial similarities will betray the deception. Pegasus is no incestuous prom date! Ice Runway and Williams Field wish they got all the hot C-17 tail Pegasus does. But they can't because Williams Field only accomodates aircraft with skis and Ice Rumway melts like a little bitch by mid December. Take that, Wikipedia!

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